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Free delivery on orders over €50

Carin Color Corrector

by Trichos

Essentials Color Corrector is an ammonia and peroxide free tool to remove the unwanted color without damage to the hair. A mild two phase formula that will not lift the natural hair color nor weaken the quality of the hair.

Color Corrector reduces the artificial color pigments in the hair shaft, by which, space is created for fresh color pigments. On very dark hair, the result will depend on the number of color applications before, on the texture of the hair and on the condition of the hair. If the result is not satisfactory, the Color Corrector may be reapplied again.

For an ideal result, Color Corrector should be applied as soon as possible after the coloration that needs a correction. A correction with a Color Corrector will always reveal a warm undertone and leave your hair very shiny.

100ml & 100ml