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Free delivery on orders over €50
Free delivery on orders over €50

L'Oreal Serie Expert Absolut Repair Molecular Pre-Shampoo Treatment

by LOreal

When hair becomes damaged, its molecular composition, primarily consisting of peptides, undergoes alterations. However, the majority of peptides are too large to be reintroduced into the hair fiber, resulting in damage that is nearly irreversible.

Its deep penetration goes down to the peptide level, facilitating molecular repair within the fiber. The results are immediate: hair becomes remarkably easy to untangle, its smoothness is restored, and it regains a plump, rejuvenated appearance. This liquid formula is swiftly absorbed by the hair fiber, offering molecular repair without any unwanted heaviness. Suitable for all damaged hair types, including color-treated, lightened, and natural hair.

Key Benefits

  • Pre-Shampoo Treatment helps strengthen damaged fibres for long lasting repair
  • Reform & rebuild the molecular structure of the hair
  • Concentrated with 3% Peptides bonder + 5 amino acids
  • Hair is visibly transformed
  • Detangles and makes hair more manegable
  • For all damaged hair textures, colour-treated, lightened & natural hair