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Free delivery on orders over €50

Uniq One Coconut Shampoo 300ml

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Uniq One All In One Coconut Conditioning Shampoo is an innovative hair and scalp cleanser for all hair types.

Offering 10 real benefits unique hair care benefits in one luxurious formula, Uniq One All In One Conditioning Shampoo protects and moisturises the scalp whilst strengthening the hair to reduce breakage and prevent split ends.

1. Washes hair & scalp gently.
2. Protects & moisturises the scalp.
3. Maximum silkiness & smoothness.
4. Doesn’t weigh hair down.
5. Boosts shine.
6. Frizz control.
7. Hair easy to manage and style.
8. Strengthens hair.
9. Reduces hair breakage.
10. Prevents split ends.